• Although Magic Fields support shortcodes Magic Fields 2 does not.
  • Repeated fields and groups are indexed from 1 not 0.
  • Fields of a post type that are not in a group are actually in a group named “__default”.
  • Different groups can have fields with the same name. This is true because the actual names as stored in the database are qualified by the group name, i.e. groupname_fieldname.
  • To edit the attributes of a Custom Group you need to click on the name of the Custom Group. There is no “edit group” link.
  • To iterate over the indices of a duplicated group use:
    foreach ( get_order_group( “field_name”, NULL ) as $index )
  • To iterate over the indices of a duplicated field use:
    foreach ( get_order_field( "field_name", NULL ) as $index )
  • If you have WordPress shortcodes in your HTML you must use multiline fields. Markdown editor fields will not process WordPress shortcodes.
  • If you are having problems you should download the latest version from GitHub. The developers are frequently fixing Magic Fields but only very infrequently pushing those changes to wordpress.org.